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BLOW DRY BOOT CAMP (BDBC).  Learn how to style your hair like a pro.  We cover everything from washing and conditioning to selecting styling products, brushes, blow dryers and hot tools.  We will teach you how to do your hair just like a professional so you can look your best every day.
All dates and times can be made through our salons main number at (951) 276-1475.

RIGHT FROM THE START (Mostly for girls age 13 and up but not exclusive) Learn how to apply age appropriate make up and do it correctly from the start.

MAKE UP TO WAKE UP (Mostly for ladies age 30 and better but not exclusive).  Learn how to combat the signs of time and learn the three most common mistakes women make with their make up.  Learn to choose colors that flatter your skin tone and how to look radiant instead of washed out.

Individual or group make up classes and BDBCs can be scheduled at any time depending on availability, it is a great way to get together with friends for a pre-wedding huddle or girls night out!

Giving back

Childhelp International has a facility in Beaumont, California and we are so pleased to be able to funraise to provide toys and clothing at Christmas. Our salon guests have been so very generous and it is appreciated!

Our relationship with Locks of Love began when our salon hosted a Locks of Love Cut-a-thon.  At that first event, we were able to collect 292 inches of donated hair.  That is over 24 FEET!!  Our participants were great and we had a terrific time doing their transformations. Since then we have averaged two donations per month. We fill out the form and mail the hair for you so all you have to do is show off your great new look. Hair must be 10 inches or longer in length to donate and in good condition. Please feel free to ask a team member if you have any questions.


Greener Environment

Little things can make a big difference and we can all take steps everyday to help our environment.  Small, constant actions can lead to big changes in our environment.  Below are some examples of how we are doing our part.

We turn off lights at night, unplug appliances when not in use and launder only full loads of towels.

Our ventilation system has allergen reducing filters to help reduce air pollutants and help us breathe easier.

Our water heater has an energy saving feature to provide instant-on benefits and is off when not in use.

We use reusable gloves whenever possible.

We give away boxes that we receive shipments in so that they can be re purposed, instead of just throwing them away.

Measuring only as much hair color as we need so that we aren’t washing unnecessary product down the drain.

We serve filtered, chilled water to our clients instead of bottled water to minimize our impact on land fills.  

We turn off the water when we are washing a clients hair  so we do not use more water than is necessary.

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