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Creative Colors by: Regina Figueroa

Tuesday, August 25th, 2015

imageEverywhere you turn this season creative color is making its way into everyday styles. What once seemed like branding for artists like Katy Perry and Pink, is now a topic that every stylist today must address. Hair color services have  progressed beyond the traditional one dimensional retouch that used to fill our chairs every four weeks. Today, vibrant primary tones entering into the mainstream and the influence of social media educating our guests; color artists are pushed to new creative heights. Whether a guest wants their highlights to have a hint of rose gold or they  desire a pastel turquoise, micro pigmentation dominates the color conversation.  A good consultation, quality professional products and maintaining the integrity of hair separates the professional services from the DYI color at home experiments.

Bello stylists Lili Garcia and Yessie Solis discuss the complexity of achieving the right creative color for each guest. “It is important to lift the hair to the correct level before you can reach the desired shade. This is where things can get complicated”, says Garcia.  For pastel shades hair must be platinum and for intense shades the hair must be a cream color. Each guest has their own hair history and the condition and timing of lifting can vary.  ” This is where using quality products makes a difference. We use Eufora International aloe pods and Olaplex. Maintaining the integrity of the hair is always our first priority at Bello Salon” Garcia explains. “It is what separates us as professionals”.  Solis, who will be traveling to New Orleans in September as a finalist for Color Shot of the year competition by Behind the Chair gleefully responds, ” It’s exciting to achieve the perfect shade because it is almost immediate. The hair feels like canvas and I am an artist painting. Unlike conventional color where you have to wait 30 minutes (standard processing time) then dry the hair, creative color is visible within moments of applying.”

One benefit of creative coloring is that it is not permanent.  A guest can leave with pastel pink hair and six weeks later leave with a deep shade of purple.  If they wish to maintain the same color it is recommended that come in more frequently in order to maintain the richness of color. It is imperative to take home the right products to ensure the longevity of the color.  A stylist may go above and beyond to maintain the health of the hair, but it is the responsibility of the guest to continue to maintain the health of the hair at home!  Bello Salon is a Eufora Experience Salon so we recommend Eufora’s color lock system along with Damage Cure leave in repair treatment.  Together these products work to repair and moisturizer the hair in order to create healthy lasting color.

Make up do’s and dont’s for Summer

Sunday, June 17th, 2012

Summer is a playful time for make up. Have fun, be daring and try these tips.
Do- Try bright, vivid colors to set off your tan and make your eyes pop. Don’t- Use shades that match your skin tone. They will make your eyes look dull and washed out.
Do- Use a bold liquid/creme liner for hot Sumer glam. Try Eclipse by Youngblood Cosmetics. Don’t- overdo it with heavy liner, dark shadow and bright lips. Pair bold eyes with nude, glossy lips.
Have a great Summer!

Bello Salon offers Gift Certificates online!

Monday, February 1st, 2010

You can design and print your own Gift Certificates online 24/7. You can print it or email it to that special person.

Gift Certificates

Sunday, January 17th, 2010

Getting ready to add 24/7 access to gift certificates through our web site!

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