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What’s so great about “Back to School”?

Saturday, August 15th, 2015

-1The end of Summer is near and some of the kids, and teachers, are already back in school.  Kids dread it and parents love it but either way, it’s a start of something new.  It’s the beginning of new friendships, new skill building and new opportunities.  It is a time to put your best face forward and what could be better than a new look to go with a great attitude?  We love hair and creating a new looks is just one of the ways we get to flex our creative muscle.  Are you ready for a change?


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Skin care rules to live by

Sunday, June 17th, 2012

Here are a few basic do’s and don’ts of skincare.

Do- Scrub your face lightly.  It helps to smooth and soften skin.  Don’t- Use excessive force.  Scrubbing too hard can irritate your skin.  Just glide gently over skin in light circular motions.

Do- Make SPF your BFF.  Wear a dzay cream with SPF to help protect your skin from potentially harmful UV rays.  Don’t- Skip your skin’s “morning smoothie”.  Skin tends to lose moisture through the night and needs AM replensihment to look fresh, smooth and hydrated.

Do- Moisturize at bedtime.  Night cream is designed to help skin repair itself while you sleep.  Don’t- Neglect uyour neck.  Your neck has fewer oil glands than your face, so it can be more prone to wrinkling.

Do- Tap, tap, tap…gently.  Pat cresam under the eye area and over the top of the lid.  Continue along brow bone.  Don’t rub it in.  Rubbing can pull delicate skin in the eye area.

Do- Think thin to thick.  Apply the thinnest to thickest products. Think serums to creams.  Don’t- Forget your timing.  Wait one minute to let your serum sink in before you layer on cream, or it will rub your serum right off.

Brighten up for Summer

Monday, May 28th, 2012

Warmer, Summer weather means stashing your fairer shades of makeup and dark lipsticks in favor of more vibrant shades of pink and gold.  Most of our guests come to the Salon requesting lighter hair-color for the warmer months.   Here are five top trends for Summer makeup that will make your ‘Summer look’ a beautiful one.  1) Fruity Hues. Nothing says Summer like a neutral face with a pop of melon on the cheeks or lips.  Be sure to use the fruity hue on your favorite feature to highlight it!  2) Spring Stain.  Winter textures are usually matte, while Summer is glossy.  Top a lip stain with a gloss that contains vitamin E to preserve color and keep lips hydrated.  3) Brow Fix.  Be sure to have your brows shaped and even lightened a bit to match your new Summer hair-color.  Don’t forget to fill them in with a softer shade of brow powder also.  4) A Brighter Shade of Pink.  Top your bronzer with a swirl of a pink illuminator.  This combination of products will keep a healthy balance and add a glow to your cheeks.  5) Colorful Black Mascara.  These mascaras have a black base and a hint of color. For green eyes, try a plum black and for brown eyes, try a navy black.

Feed your Hair!

Sunday, May 20th, 2012

What we put in our bodies can greatly improve the health of our hair.  If you want gorgeous locks try eating more of the following foods:

Salmon- Omega 3 vitamin for strong hair.

Dark green veggies- Vitamin A and C which helps produce sebum to feed the follicle, plus iron and calcium.

Beans- Rich in protein, iron, biotin and zinc.

Nuts- Contains zinc, which helps prevent hair loss.

Poultry- High quality protein.

Eggs- High in B12.

Whole grains- Zinc, iron and B vitamins.

Oysters- A potential aphrodisiac and they contain zinc.

Low-fat dairy- High in calcium.

Carrots- Vitamin A for healthy scalp.

In the end, a balanced and healthy diet will promote both a healthy body and healthy hair.  To ensure the proper care of your hair ask one of our stylists to recommend the proper Eufora haircare regimen.  Many of the styling products in Eufora Classic and the Men’s HERO line contain wear-in treatments that will nourish your hair all day.

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