Skin care rules to live by

June 17th, 2012 by michele | « Back to Bello Blog

Here are a few basic do’s and don’ts of skincare.

Do- Scrub your face lightly.  It helps to smooth and soften skin.  Don’t- Use excessive force.  Scrubbing too hard can irritate your skin.  Just glide gently over skin in light circular motions.

Do- Make SPF your BFF.  Wear a dzay cream with SPF to help protect your skin from potentially harmful UV rays.  Don’t- Skip your skin’s “morning smoothie”.  Skin tends to lose moisture through the night and needs AM replensihment to look fresh, smooth and hydrated.

Do- Moisturize at bedtime.  Night cream is designed to help skin repair itself while you sleep.  Don’t- Neglect uyour neck.  Your neck has fewer oil glands than your face, so it can be more prone to wrinkling.

Do- Tap, tap, tap…gently.  Pat cresam under the eye area and over the top of the lid.  Continue along brow bone.  Don’t rub it in.  Rubbing can pull delicate skin in the eye area.

Do- Think thin to thick.  Apply the thinnest to thickest products. Think serums to creams.  Don’t- Forget your timing.  Wait one minute to let your serum sink in before you layer on cream, or it will rub your serum right off.

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